Audio-Technica AT831CW Mini Cardioid Condenser Mic

Audio-Technica AT831CW Mini Cardioid Condenser Mic
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Product Description

The Audio-Technica AT831CW is a miniature condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. It has been designed for hands free applications in sound reinforcement systems, and for use by professional musicians, especially for pickup of acoustic guitar. The AT831CW provides improved gain before feedback that normally cannot be achieved with miniature omnidirectional microphones. Close up voice and instrument pickup are crisp and clean, yet full sounding, while suppression of background noise is significantly improved over that of stand mounted full size cardioid microphones.

This model AT831CW has been specifically designed for use with Audio Technica's Wireless Transmitters.

Clip-on lavalier mic also excels in acoustic guitar applications

Provides crisp, full-sounding voice and instrument pickup

Operates on power from the Unipak Wireless Transmitter