DigiTech iStomp Downloadable Stompbox

DigiTech iStomp Downloadable Stompbox
Item# digitech-istomp-downloadable-stompbox
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Product Description

The stompbox you can change with your iPhone.

The iStomp works like traditional stompboxes. Step on the footswitch to turn the effect on and off. Adjust the knobs to dial in the sound. What makes the iStomp better than other stompboxes is that you can turn the iStomp into any pedal. Simply connect your iPhone to the iStomp and in about the same time it takes to download a song you can turn the iStomp in to any pedal from DigiTech’s Stomp Shop App. The iStomp comes with DigiTech’s Total Recall digital delay and Redline tube overdrive to get you started.

Thousands of sounds are waiting at your finger tips. Order today!