Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Dakota Red

Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Dakota Red
Item# 0972023254

Product Description

The newest addition to Fender's Acoustasonic family of instruments is the Acoustasonic Stratocaster. This powerful acoustic-electric hybrid gives you all you need to blend between guns-blazing rock and country leads and a veritable studio's worth of modeled acoustic tones, all with the comfort you expect from today's Custom Shop Strats. Sound too good to be true? Trust us: these guitars are worth the hype. Whether you're a Nashville session player or a Sunday music leader, the Acoustasonic Strat packs a wealth of great tones in its svelte frame. Fender's comfortable spruce-on-mahogany SIRS Strat body is built to resonate like an acoustic instrument without succumbing to the feedback issues of other stage acoustics.

Hybrid Strat with 10 blendable acoustic and electric voicings Piezo and magnetic pickups supply acoustic tones to Texas leads Body-top pickup system (P3) adds a percussive element that's hard to top in traditional instruments Traditional 5-way Strat blade with continuous Mod (blend) knob SIRS mahogany body resonates like an acoustic instrument, but without the feedback issues Solid Sitka spruce top adds sparkle and maturity Ebony-capped Modern Deep C mahogany neck rivals playability of your favorite electric N4 Noiseless Strat magnetic bridge pickup delivers Strat performance without the hum Fishman Matrix undersaddle piezo pickup comes loaded with 6 acoustic images 20-hour USB rechargeable battery with simultaneous charge and play Weighs 5lbs, 3oz