Greer Amps Relic Drive Pedal

Greer Amps Relic Drive Pedal
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The Relic Drive is based on the "screamer" type circuits of the past. What's the difference in our Relic Drive, versus other companies; "screamer" type pedals? To start, Nick has moved the mid hump to a warmer, more guitar friendly area. This results in a fatter tone, that isn't nasal sounding. Next, we added more gain. This gives you the option of using this pedal in the traditional manner (light drive, with lots of boost), or using it as a more aggressive, harmonically rich drive. The tone control is engineered to be very flexible, too, giving the user a wide frequency response, from dark and smooth, to bright and biting. This pedal has been one of our top sellers for years.

On tour with Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers), Casey Meyer (Jim Quick and Coastline), Matt Goldman (Glow in the Dark Studios), Shawn Pasley (Nobody's Darlings), Justin Kennedy (Justin Kennedy Band), and MANY other guitarists! Based on vintage "screamer" type circuit! Warmer mid hump, more gain, wide frequency range! Harmonically rich, one of the top sellers of the Greer line! True Bypass! Uses 9Volt battery, or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply. Built with top quality components. Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!